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About CWTV


We are a unique Online Community TV channel that wants you to look at the brighter side of life. CWTV is a unique channel which broadcasts content with one simple goal: to inspire us to do more to change our lives, and the lives of others in our community. 

CWTV is a Online Community TV channel and creative content organisation with digital marketing, audio and video production services based in Oldham that brings its services anywhere on your door step.

CWTV, helping businesses, charities, education providers and healthcare organisations to make a difference to:


Create Connection

At CWTC, we believe it’s critical for communities to communicate and connect with each other in order to thrive, create awareness, share ideas and work together rather than trying to do things on your own.

Challenge Attitude

Change is implemented through attitude. Success will only come to you if you are prepared to receive it both mentally and physically. We can all achieve this by having a deliberate positive mindset or attitude towards society.

Change Behaviour

We have to continue the move away from “one-size-fits-all”. We can build our communities by understanding our values, thinking positively and how to motivate our citizens through better communication and provision.

Every Film we make is designed to do something.

  • To inspire
  • To be shared
  • To educate, and most importantly
  • To move people to action.