What Does CWTV Do?

CWTV operates

  • Online Community TV channel featuring programming produced with local residents, role models, educationalists, leaders, arts and cultural organisations
  • Media production and workshops
  • Interviews offering coverage of local issues, health awareness, training oppertunities, jobs and covering community engagement events.

Who does CWTV Serve?
CWTV covers the full diversity of residents of all ages, sociol-economic backgrounds, racial, religious and cultural communities, and physical abilities.

 CWTV creates programming by identifying under-served communities and soliciting input on community needs from community leaders, residents, and representatives of organisations.

Who Runs CWTV?
The Management Committee governs CWTV and oversees the work of the Chief Executive who supervises CWTV staff and volunteers. The Board works to ensure that our programmes are addressing the needs of the community.

What Makes CWTV Excellent?
CWTV  is respected for its quality work over the 25 yeras, making a great diffrence for the wellbeing and development of the diverse communities through providing services to improve their health awareness, skills, accredited courses, creating community champions, workplacements and development of bi-lingual materials to support service users and services.

Every Film we make is designed to do something.

  • To inspire.
  • To be shared.
  • To educate, and most importantly,
  • to move people to action.